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Sat., 13.04.2024, 7:00 pm
Sun., 14.04.2024, 17:00 h

About us

Sonat Vox was founded in 2015 by Justus Merkel as a male choir and has quickly developed into one of the most renowned choirs in Germany. The majority of the singers received their musical training with the Windsbach Boys' Choir.

Over time, Sonat Vox has expanded into a versatile collective of musicians. In addition to the male and chamber choir, the variable line-up also includes the in-house chamber orchestra.

The multi-award-winning ensemble has been confirmed in its artistic work by winning first prize at the German Choir Competition and the ICCC International Choir Competition. Through expressive interpretations of classical music literature, Sonat Vox offers its listeners a unique concert experience.

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An artistic network

Sonat Vox presents itself as a versatile collective whose ensembles vary depending on the project and concert.

The performance line-up includes a growing network of renowned musicians from all over Germany and beyond.

The realization of the projects is characterized by the interdisciplinary collaboration of people from various artistic fields.

A team from Sonat Vox gGmbH is responsible for the administration of the artistic work and is supported by patrons, sponsors and members of the Circle of Friends.


"A flawless, perfect sound with a lively, artistic interpretation of the words."

Martin Stumpf, FLZ

"Voices full of precision. A precision that you probably won't find anywhere else in this line-up"

Udo Güldner, Northern Bavaria

"Together they are one of the best male choirs in the country, the singers of Sonat Vox. "


"The wonderful voices of Sonat Vox touched us. Deep in the heart. Deep in the soul. "